What You Need to Know When Planning an Equestrian Property Layout

okIf you have an equestrian property that isn’t developed yet but has “good bones”, then you will probably have some questions and/or concerns about the layout. The first step is to find a seasoned professional who knows exactly what the horses need and where to place everything in order to have a fully functional facility.

Once you’ve partnered with a knowledgable surveyor, contractor, and civil engineer, you can begin the layout process. In addition to a basic layout, the type of housing facilities of the horses must be determined. Barns, mare motels, and corrals with shelters all vary in size and price. Barns tend to be the most expensive out of the three because of the extra amenities such as built in tack rooms, feed rooms, offices, laundry rooms, and cross ties. Mare motels or the sheltered paddocks are less expensive and are enjoyed by horses that like to have an outdoor stall. Mare motels have in and outs, which provide for an enclose barn-like stall with shavings, mats, etc., but also have a small outdoor area.


Arenas, turnouts, pastures, extra cross ties, wash racks, and any other amenities must be taken into consideration. In our previous article, The Importance of Acreage and Topography When Buying an Equestrian Property, we talked about how important it is to have enough usable area in order to fit all the necessities on your property. Depending on the discipline, extra equipment may or may not be needed. When laying out your property, it is essential that its carefully mapped out in order to design your equestrian facility as efficiently as possible.

An essential factor when designing the layout is the amount of accessible water. Wells are important when purchasing an equestrian property. The gallons per minute (GPM) determines the amount of water the well is producing. The rate of water production is important because an equestrian property has high water demands i.e: sprinklers for arenas and pastures, automatic waterers for drinking, etc. Also, if your property has access to city water, this can be essential in times of emergency.

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