What to Let Go of Before You Move


Let’s face it – things have a tendency to accumulate. And if you’ve been living in the same place for more than a few years, chances are you’ve collected items you no longer use. And then there’s the barn! If you are like we are, there’s a pile of things you plan to donate, things you are certain you will repair, things that fit horses you’ve had over the years but are gathering dust now, and of course, vast bit, girth, medicine, and leg wrap collections.

But if you’re relocating, transporting those unused items will cost you time, energy and money. It’s worth it to unload those things you likely won’t need in your new place. Here are our suggestions for what you might want to let go of before you move.

Unused appliances

Yes, that hot dog toaster seemed really awesome when you ordered it off Amazon late one night. But have you used it more than once or twice? If not, let it go. This goes for any other appliances gathering dust on your counter or in your pantry. Sell or donate those in working order. For those that aren’t, look into recycling them.

Unread books

You probably have a book or two – or hundreds – that you haven’t cracked open in a long time. While the impulse to hold on to books is a noble one, you should seriously consider donating or selling any that you don’t regularly use. Books are heavy and take up space. Moving books can be exhausting, especially if you have to carry box after box up one or more flights of stairs. Do yourself a favor and unload them before you move. Much of what you  need for reference remains available online, making your life easier.

Unworn clothes

You’ve been hanging on to those really expensive breeches for years, thinking that someday they just might fit again. Or that hot outfit you were sure you’d fit into once you lost 30 pounds — pass it on!  The same goes for the dresses, jeans, coats, and sweaters that have been taking up space in your closet. Does it make you feel good to see them in there? It probably doesn’t. Why not pass them on to someone who will wear and treasure them, especially if you have business attire or show attired that can be put to good use? Give yourself a break and start fresh in your new place, stocking your closet with clothes that fit properly and that you wear regularly.

Low-quality furniture

We all have that tack trunk, chair or coffee table leftover from our younger days. You know the one – it’s made out of particle board and has seen better days. Cheap, low-quality furniture is likely to be damaged during a move. Pass it on to someone who will appreciate it, and replace it in your new home if needed.


Do you have two blenders? Do you really need two blenders? You probably don’t, unless you’re running a smoothie operation out of your kitchen. Unless the items are meant to be a pair, let go of anything that you own in duplicate.

Items you borrowed

Did you happen to find your neighbor’s snow shovel when cleaning out the garage? Even if you’ve accidentally been holding onto it for years, you should try to return it. This goes for any items in your home that don’t belong to you.Their rightful owners will most likely appreciate their safe return. And this way, you’ll have a reason to meet your new neighbors when you need to borrow a shovel after the first snowfall.

Compliments of Carol & Patti

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