Thank You Del Mar National Horse Show

The Del Mar National Horse Show came to a close on May 2nd, and it was nothing short of spectacular. It was a fun-filled and entertaining experience for riders and spectators alike. This three week long show wouldn’t be possible without everyone who was involved.

carol and herkyThank you to our new equestrian manager, Amy Billburg. The coveted Del Mar National Horse Show would not be possible without your skill and expertise.

Thank you to the CEO & General Manager, Timothy J. Fennel, board president, Fred Schenk, and the Del Mar National Horse Show Chairman, Russell Penniman. With this wonderful team of board directors, everyone had a fun and fully functional show experience.

Thank you to our dressage competitors and world class riders, namely, Steffen Peters and his lovely performance aboard Legolas  An additional thanks to Enrique Martinez for his entertaining exhibition of classical dressage.

A big thanks to all of the managers for all three weeks. Thank you to Larry and Pomcie Gimple, the managers during Western Week. Thank you to the Dressage Week division manager, Regina Antonioli, and the Hunter/Jumper division manager, Dale Harvey. His well rounded expertise in producing and managing horse shows certainly presented itself in the final week of the Del Mar National.

Thank you to our world renowned riders for Hunter/Jumper week: Richard Spooner and Rich Fellers. The crowd went wild with your spectacular performances in the $100,000 Grand Prix of Del Mar, all riders were in awe at being able to see Flexible in action.

A special thanks and shout out to Patti Newton, who made all of the sponsors and exhibitors feel right at home at the home of the horses in Del Mar.

And finally, we here at California Equestrian Properties were very excited to be a part of the Del Mar National Horse Show. Being our 19th year in a row, we can easily say that the 2015 Del Mar National was a great success. We are proud to be a major sponsor for this wonderful show.

Don Reedy and Carol Shuttleworth
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