Telltale Signs of Infestation

Telltale Signs of Infestation

Do you have a sneaking suspicion the equestrian property you’re interested in buying might have a pest problem? Whether it’s ants in the feed, termites in the walls, or raccoons in the garbage cans, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. When you’re viewing property, keep a lookout for these telltale signs of infestation.

Damage to the lawn

When you’re exploring the outside of the property, look for lawn damage like a pattern of brown patches. This could indicate a pest problem. Also check for ridges and piles of dirt that could be a sign of moles or gophers.

Strange odors

When you’re inside the barn, check for any unusual smells. Pests give off unique odors. If you detect a musty smell coupled with the scent of ammonia, it could be a clue about a probable infestation. Also, notice if there is a garbage smell, because accumulating trash can attract pests.

Odd sounds

In addition to the odors pests emit, they also make sounds. Rats and mice can be heard scurrying through walls and ceilings or under floorboards. You might hear scratching, gnawing, or squeaking as well.

Dead bugs

Check around windows for any signs of dead bugs. Notice if there are many of the same kind which could indicate a large number of them is holing up somewhere on the property.


This is obvious, but if you see droppings, there could be a problem. Do a little research beforehand to know what kinds of droppings certain pests leave behind, like bed bugs and roaches. That way, if you see any droppings, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

Holes in walls and floors

If you have a rat problem, then you will generally see holes or gnawing marks on walls and floors. Look also for electrical wires that have been chewed up as well as evidence of nesting. Rats will often nest in cabinets and storage rooms Look for chewed up paper that has been stashed in nooks and crannies.

Sagging floors

Do you notice the floors sagging in some areas? It could be a sign of termites. Other signs of termites include small holes and wood which sounds hollow when you tap it. You might also see remnants of dead termites, such as wings, and little pellets that look like sawdust.

Visible tracks

Pests like rats will often take the same path through a property. Look for any signs of tracks, like greasy marks on floors and walls. You might also see footprints in any areas where dirt or dust has accumulated.

A collection of pesticides

Finally, if you notice the current owner has a large stash of pesticides, you can be sure they are battling an infestation.

While most infestations can be dealt with, it’s important to know what you’re getting into when you make an offer on a property. Be smart and keep an eye out for any of the signs outlined above to tell if the house you love has a pest problem.

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