Sell Your Home in Any Season

Sell Your Home in Any Season

As we slip into autumn, many owners take their equestrian properties off the market, believing that their property will not sell in the fall or winter. While it is true that selling heats up in spring and early summer, people buy horse properties every day of the year.

Historically, the selling cycle followed a general pattern of picking up in the spring and summer for buyers, tapering off in late summer and picking up again in the fall. While colder months—particularly November and December—slowed down due to the holidays.

New studies show, however, that on average, equestrian properties listed between Halloween and New Year’s Day are more likely to sell, often sell faster and even fetch closer to the asking price. Typically, because there are fewer equestrian properties on the market, the competition for those properties that are listed increases.

Shrewd buyers often seek bargains during these months. The truth is that just as sellers’ situations differ, buyers’ situations range from new employment or business relocation to seeking a second home to celebrate holidays. Sellers that keep their horse properties on the market into the fall season significantly increase their chances of selling.

Reasons for off-season  sales include:

  • Less competition: Buyers believe the old “spring only” selling myth too. They may believe that in the fall and winter they won’t face the competition for a prized equestrian property that results in bidding wars and ultimately paying higher prices.
  • Personal motivation: People move when they need to, so a new job in a new town or a buyer finally saving up the last of their down  payment doesn’t depend on a specific time of year.
  • Age and situation: S. Census statistics show that older folk and those without children tend to move in the fall and winter months. In fact, by percentage of population movement, October rates higher (10.2%) than May (7.5%) and is nearly equal to both July (11.2%) and September (11.5%).
  • Internet shopping: Most equestrian buyers shop online first. That means they can shop year ’round, and all hours of the day or night. They can see images of your property online in all seasons, so they have a realistic expectation what your equestrian property  looks like seasonally.

Before putting your equestrian property on the market

Assess your needs before listing equestrian property. Do you need to relocate immediately? An experienced equestrian real estate agent will understand the importance of properties near show grounds, trials, equestrian centers,and types of training opportunities.

No matter what type of horse property you have to sell or want to buy you need a equestrian real estate professional that can guide you in the best way to market your property  any season. California Equestrian Properties is here for you! 

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