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Photos (26 of 30)Every family always stresses the need for a comfortable home in a good community. But what exactly is a “good” community? Its definitely a matter of personal preference, however the generic “good neighborhood” is what most individuals seek. Flash back to the times where you would go to your neighbors for a cup of sugar, or have community potlucks where the children could play and the adults could socialize. Many of us still long for that sense of community and those friendships with our neighbors, after all we live within a few hundred yards of each other right?

Nestled in the beautiful San Marcos, CA is a community called Santa Fe Hills, who’s mission is to recreate all of the things stated above. They put such a strong emphasis on building solid, foundational relationships with your neighbors. Just North of the 78 highway, Santa Fe Hills contains about 1,800 homes that were built in the 1990’s-2000’s. This community has direct access to many parks that are used for recreational and social events. Santa Fe Hills also has access to numerous California Distinguished schools including Paloma Elementary and Mission Hills High School. Palomar College and California State University San Marcos are also nearby for those going into college. Overall, Santa Fe Hills couldn’t get much better with the community involvement, high ranked schools, and picturesque homes, parks and trails.

How, might you ask, does a neighborhood invest so much in their community relationships? The answer lies in the people that live there who host special events. A few years ago, a handful of Santa Fe Hills neighbors came together and started a monthly potluck. They would send out flyers to those in the community, and would host them at a different Santa Fe Hills park each month. The popularity of these potlucks grew, especially with new neighbors who recently moved in. Not only did it increase the overall appeal of the community, but this sense of closeness with the neighbors increased the property value of the homes. In an article written about Santa Fe Hills, the author claims that:

“There are plenty more benefits to close neighborhoods, including:

Shared clout to resist bad development and encourage beneficial projects;

A rich social life and ready friendships; a feeling of connection and belonging;

Advocacy and support for strong neighborhood schools;

Kid-friendly streets and parks;

Cooperative gardens and pea patches;

Help with your home-repair projects.”

In order to maintain these benefits, a community organization called Next-door™ Santa Fe Hills has taken off with over 1,000 members already joined. The purpose of this organization is to maintain a social network and let all the residents within the community all the happenings of Santa Fe Hills. They organize different community events, including a Q&A meetings, “Night Out” events, Home for Heroes, etc. With all the fun events going on in this area, why wouldn’t you want to be involved? Santa Fe Hills is the perfect place for those who yearn to be a part of an engaging and upbeat community.


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