New Pet Friendly Terminal at JFK Airport

Initially, traveling via aircraft was quite stressful for our four legged friends. On top of being in an unfamiliar and frightening place, they were kept in close quarters with minimal room to move around. However, a new breakthrough at the JFK airport in New York is just unraveling itself. This hotspot of an airport is now offering a more comfortable—if not luxurious— terminal experience for all animals. With this new private facility called The Ark,  horses have luxury stables with padded footing as to maintain pristine hoof condition, while our canine friends will stay in resort style kennels serviced by Paradise 4 Paws.

These innovative and accommodative amenities will bring a new look on how our four legged companions travel. Each transportation vehicle is strictly climate controlled in order to maintain maximum comfortability while the animals are being transported. The Ark is jfkcatering to domestic as well as farm animals, so all creatures alike can experience a stress free and safe journey. Paradise 4 Paws is taking the care of canines to the next level. This resort style kenneling system offers bone shaped swimming pools, massage therapy, and other spa services. Each dog will stay in a suite that has a flat screen TV and a human sized bed.

The Ark will replace the original terminal, Vetport, which was constructed in the 1950’s and was cramped and unpleasant for its animals. With the revamping of the terminal, it is expected to not only bring in happier travelers, but also jobs and revenue, including 110 veterinarian positions and an expected $110 million in proceeds over the next 30 years.

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