Foster Failure!

Normally, we would hate to admit we failed at anything, but we are happy to announce we have earned the moniker, “Foster Fails!”

We recently blogged about our foster horse, BuJu (pronounced BooZHo͞o). To learn more about BuJu’s story, you can read our original blog post here.” After months of caring for BuJu and seeing remarkable progress, Patti could not stand the thought of his leaving her barn. After much thoughtful consideration, she decided to adopt him herself! Patti stated, “After having to put my 29-year-old horse, Mr. Snix, [whom she’d owned for 26 years] down a year ago I became convinced I would not be owning another horse and now regret I gave most of my gear away!”

At HiCaliber Horse Rescue, donors can submit a name to be given to rescued horses who ordinarily have no names. Bessie H., from Wyoming, submitted “BuJu” in honor of her brother, Shawn, who passed away three years ago. He acquired the nickname somewhere along the way and it holds high sentimental value to Bessie and her family. As luck would have it, Bessie already had a Southern California family vacation planned and they were able to meet BuJu and present him with a special halter with his name on it! BuJu reveled in the attention and seemed to know how special the occasion was! His name will remain BuJu!







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