Face Your Home Selling Fears

Face Your Home Selling Fears

We understand – selling a home is tough! It’s most likely one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever complete in your lifetime. That can be scary. But don’t let it keep you from putting your house on the market. Here are some common fears you may experience when selling your home, and tips on how to face them.

You’ll be overwhelmed

Getting your home ready for the market can be a big job. Cleaning, organizing, repairing and painting will take time. You may feel like your to-do list is going to be a mile long and growing, and that you’ll never finish it. While it does take effort to get your home ready for showings, you can help yourself by starting early. Tackle your list one item at a time; remember, it’s a cinch by the inch and hard by the yard!!!. Don’t feel like you have to complete everything in one weekend. Talk to your agent about which items to prioritize, and let them help you organize your tasks.

Your home won’t sell

This is a common fear for most sellers. It’s easy to worry that once you list your home, it will languish on the market for weeks or even months. Your fear can be compounded if you know you’ll need that money in order to secure a new place. The best way to face this fear is to get an early start. Work with an experienced agent who understands your local market. Your agent can make sure your home is priced right for current market conditions.

Your agent will underprice your home

Another fear sellers sometimes face is that their agent will want to price their home too low. The best way to deal with this is to compare your home’s listing price with similar homes listed in your area. Are they around the same? If you feel this is a trust issue with your agent, interview other agents. You’ll either discover that your agent’s assessment is on par, or that it’s way off base. The bottom line, you don’t have to list your home with an agent you don’t feel comfortable with.

You’ll feel exposed

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where the most personal moments of your life take place. It’s totally normal to feel uneasy about suddenly opening your home to strangers. Especially when those strangers will be making judgments about it. If you are worried you’ll feel too exposed, take time to remove all your personal belongings before potential buyers walk through. Paint rooms neutral colors. By de-personalizing your home, you’ll be able to treat it more like a business transaction.

You’ll be too emotional

We know it can be tough to let go of your home. You’ve made memories there, and sometimes it’s difficult to move on. You can counteract this by daydreaming about the upcoming new chapter in your life. Find reasons to be excited about it. It is easier to let go if you have something else to look forward to.

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