Enrique Martinez at the Del Mar National

Friesians are often considered to be the showcase of the true power and resilience of horses. This historic breed from the Netherlands exemplifies the majesty and athleticism that horses naturally posses. One rider who truly understands and has cultivated the power of this magnificent breed is Enrique Martinez. A local resident of San Diego County, Enrique Martinez and ValitarEnrique has mastered the art of classical dressage and has shown his passion for horses by devoting his life to riding and training. Enrique is well known for his spectacular Friesians, Lusitanos, and Andalusians. He recently performed a demonstration at an open house hosted by California Equestrian Properties. This exhibition captured the attention of the sizable audience and left them awestruck. Enrique rode before the spectators on his beautiful Friesian stallion, Valitar. He was even so gracious as to let those who were brave enough mount his jewel of a horse. It was truly a memorable event and Enrique and Valitar left a lasting impression on their audience.

Mark Your Calendars!

Whether you joined us at the California Equestrian Properties’s open house event or not, you should surely come down to the Del Mar National Horse Show, April 25th at 7 pm to witness Enrique and Valitar in action. He will be featuring in the Evening of Musical Freestyles, demonstrating his expertise by performing highly schooled maneuvers such as the rarely seen “airs above ground”. Enrique’s exhibition will bring a unique and captivating flair to this year’s Dressage Week.

Enrique Martinez and Valitar

Valitar, Carol Shuttleworth of California Equestrian Properties, and Enrique Martinez

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