Dressage Week at the Del Mar National

Dressage is classified by some to be the “ballet” of the horse world. This precisely ridden and beautifully executed style of riding was initially used for military purposes since early history.  As of then, dressage has grown to be a popular and competitive discipline that holds a respectable title in the Olympic Games. At this year’s Del Mar National Horse Show, audiences will be able to witness dressage in its breath taking form, but on a local basis! Riders from local, national, and even international regions will both participate in and enjoy Dressage Week at the Del Mar National this coming April.

What To Look Forward To

The week of April 23-26th are the dates that the Del Mar National will host Dressage Week at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. There will be classes available for all levels, and spectators can look forward to many exciting qualifying competitions. Such events will include the Dutta Corp/ National Grand Prix and Intermediare Championships, the Adequan FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championship, the USEF Pony Rider Dressage National Championships, and much more. In addition to these exciting and Steffen Petersprestigious competitions, the highlight of the week will be the Evening of Musical Freestyles, held on saturday, April 25th at 7pm. Olympian and world renowned rider, Steffen Peters will bring his talents and demonstrate his much refined horsemanship during this event. Among the many namely riders performing at this year’s Dressage week, Olypmian rider, Guenter Seidel will also participate in this much anticipated exhibition. Spectators and riders alike can also look forward to the performance by Enrique Martinez on his magnificent Friesian and Lusitano stallions. The Del Mar National will put on an exciting and captivating event this year. . . come join us and experience this amazing week!

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