Escondido, California

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  Escondido means hidden, secret, or secluded -- an apt description for this eclectic inland valley lying in the coastal mountains of Southern California. About 18 miles from the coast and 35 miles northeast of San Diego, Escondido hosts a diverse population of about 150,000.  A vibrant, cultural downtown area has a big-city vibe while retaining a friendly, small-town feel. Barber shops, cafes, galleries, antique stores, yoga studios, street fairs, and a wholesome farmer’s market ensure neighbors get to  know one another, fostering a close-knit community.    Just a stone’s throw from downtown, you will find historic houses, abundant agricultural and equestrian activities, wineries, open space and pristine recreational areas galore.       Lance house1   A testament to the vision of the City of Escondido, the historic Daley Ranch, a 3,058-acre conservation area acquired in 1996, escaped residential development. Managed in perpetuity for the preservation of a biologically unique and diverse habitat area of regional importance, Daley Ranch has over 20 miles of hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails. The highest points offer sweeping ocean views. The famous San Diego Zoo Safari Park, located in the San Pasqual Valley of Escondido, displays animals in open habitats much like those found in the wild. Not far from the legendary Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Racetrack, Escondido has many diverse equestrian areas. One such rural community, county unincorporated Elfin Forest (so-named for its low-lying coastal sage scrub), has many horse properties due to its 2.5-acre minimum. Your Equestrian Team