Elfin Forest, California

Elfin ForestIMG_0546_2DSC_0137 North San Diego County contains many diverse equestrian areas. One such rural community, unincorporated Elfin Forest (so-named for its low-lying coastal sage scrub), has many horse properties due to its 2.5-acre minimum lot size. Most of Elfin Forest lies within the boundaries of the coveted Rancho Santa Fe School District, adding significantly to residential property values. It boasts a vast trail system throughout the 11-square mile community which connects with Rancho Santa Fe, Olivenhain, San Marcos, and Escondido trail systems. Elfin Forest retains an active town council,  and several 501(c)(3) organizations dedicated to acquiring and preserving riparian habitat, creating and maintaining its network of trails, and improving and maintaining its rural character. It's longstanding and cherished volunteer fire department, the heart of the community, recently merged with the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Dept., a move overwhelmingly supported by Elfin Forest residents. Zealously protecting its rural lifestyle since its inception, Elfin Forest residents put high value on low density, dark skies, animal keeping, and volunteerism. You won’t find street lights, curbs, or ball fields, but you will find a friendly, open community which proudly hosts its annual Fourth of July picnic and parade which helps support the town council and fire department, fundraisers for its many non-profit activities, and periodic community clean-up days. Many who grew up in the area are familiar with the legends associated with Elfin Forest. Harrowing tales of sightings of the infamous "White Lady" abound while the very name, Spook's Canyon, made many a teen shiver and quake after dark. Such scary nights are recalled fondly many years later -- now their children look for the White Lady and tell tales of their own adventures.