Choose the Perfect Equestrian Property

If you’re in the market for a horse property, part of choosing the perfect equestrian property is finding the right area. How do you do that? Start by asking yourself the right questions.

Elfin Forest

What are you looking for?

Any equestrian search should start with a list of needs and wants – and that goes for the area too. Begin by establishing your priorities. Do you want to live close to amenities, like other equestrian centers or feed stores? Do you want to have easy access to trails, shopping, schools, and nightlife? Is access to public trials a necessity? Would you like to live in a community with other families who have horses?

How convenient is the area?

Once you’ve established your priorities and begin to look at potential properties, consider how convenient the area is for your lifestyle. Is the property close to your work, or will you have a long commute to the barn? If you need to run some quick errands, are there stores nearby?

Trails_finalHow safe is the area?

Safety is a big priority for many horse owners, so it’s a good idea to check into crime rates for a potential neighborhood and see how they compare to the national average. Also consider the types of crimes most common in the area. If you have specific questions about a neighborhood, call the local police station for more information.

Are there any warning signs?

At first glance a property may seem like a great choice. But take a closer look.  Are there any sounds that could become unpleasant, like traffic noise, loud music or airports? Do you notice any unusual smells that could affect your quality of life? Visit the property at different times of day. Is traffic a nightmare during rush hour? Is the street particularly dark at night?Take time to prioritize your needs, and do the necessary work to investigate potential properties to find out as much about them as possible before putting in an offer. I guarantee you, this will be time well spent.

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