California Equestrian Properties Fosters Rescue Horse!

When we saw the video of “BuJu” on Facebook, we had to contact HiCaliber Horse Rescue and apply to foster him. You’ll know why he stole our hearts when you see what we saw here. Then we read about his rescue from slaughter here and knew we had the perfect place for him. He has been at Patti’s stable for 11 days and is not only thriving, but blossoming! He needed a quiet place to recover and has found sanctuary in a 12’ x 12’ box stall at night and a large private paddock from dawn until dusk. He acts as though he had previously been isolated from the outside world – now, when he goes out to his paddock for the day, he perceives his surroundings in amazement and wonder rather than fear. He has a very sound mind. Three retired geldings on the property have provided stability and helped to reassure BuJu he is safe.

In this short period of time BuJu has begun to gain some weight and due to lots of love, attention, and grooming, his coat glistens and he learns something new every day! His kind, loving spirit is a joy to be around. We will continue to update you on his progress!

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to HiCaliber Horse Rescue, click here. You can direct your donation to BuJu’s care if you wish.

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