Adding Value to your Equestrian Property


No need to wait for Spring! Now is always the perfect time to do some much needed cleaning of the tack room, organization of saddle racks, tack cleaning, blanket washing, and pitching those old fly masks you’re sure you’ll need someday. Am I right? Could your barn use some TLC? That never becomes more obvious than when you decide to sell and view it with a much more critical eye. Take a look around and ask yourself, “If I were seeing this place for the first time, would I be impressed?” Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression!

Barn/Hay Storage:  The barn should be neat and clean. Hay storage should be organized and away from the barn. Many barn fires result from fires that start from the inside, not the outside.

Lights:  Check to make sure all of your lights are working and that all connections are secure, including extension cords.

Stalls:  A good cleaning of the interior of each stall is well worth the effort. A steam cleaner will freshen up the walls and floors and give a prospective buyer confidence they are moving their   horses into a clean, healthy environment. 

Fencing:  Any rails that have rotted, broken, or been chewed need to be replaced and treated. Loose or damaged fence posts and any loose or broken wire should be fixed or replaced. Make sure all  the gates are hung properly and will open and shut easily and safely.

Drains:  Drains should be clear of debris and any manure.

Stable Grounds: Grounds should be well maintained, trees trimmed, lawns mowed, and any unsafe items removed.

Paint:  Many barns in California are constructed of wood which will need periodic painting with a wood weather-proofing product which can be found at big box hardware stores. Any large areas that have been chewed by some helpful equine should have a metal chew strip to cover it.

With over 20 years experience in the equestrian business, we can tell you that all of these items must be addressed to accomplish maximum property value.

Remember, just like you, equestrian clients want a clean and safe environment  for their horses.

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