5 Tips for Selling an Equestrian Property during the Pandemic

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While the coronavirus has changed so much about our daily lives, one thing hasn’t changed – people are still buying and selling equestrian properties In fact, many sellers are facing big life changes that require them to sell their horse properties now. If you’re one of those sellers, then you may concerned that now is not a great time to put your horse property on the market. However, you should be aware that it is still possible to safely and successfully sell your property. Here is what you need to know if you’re selling during the pandemic.

Get ahead of  the curve

It’s true that some sellers are removing their listings from the market right now.  And you can bet that those who are searching for equestrian properties right now are serious buyers. Plus – you can expect to see a glut of homes on the market once the pandemic passes and social distancing guidelines are relaxed. Once those restrictions are lifted, your property will face fierce competition if you decide to wait. Get ahead of the curve by moving forward with your listing now.

Have a great online listing

With more than 90 percent of Americans under stay-at-home orders, you can bet that there are more people than usual looking at online home listings. Those in the market for a new home have the time to browse and many may be reaching out to listing agents to take a virtual tour of the home. Make sure your listing stands out among the competition with great photos.

Make a video tour

In addition to taking high-quality photos of your home, consider having your agent make a video tour. Many buyers will not want to schedule in-person showings unless they are very interested, so having a video tour will give them a better idea of how your home really looks so they can decide if they want to see it in person.

Follow CDC guidelines

At some point, other people will need to enter your home. They could be potential buyers who want a tour or a home inspector who needs to evaluate the property. While you should always clean your home before a showing, now it is more important than ever. Follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your home. Wipe down all surfaces including light switches and door handles with disinfectant. It’s also a good idea to clean everything again when you return home. Consider having an array of cleaning products on hand so that visitors can use them, such as hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. Be sure to put hand soap at every sink so people can frequently wash their hands.

Work with a trusted Equestrian Agent

Finally, one of the best tips for selling right now is to work with a trusted equestrian professional. Selling an equestrian property can already be a stressful endeavor – now it’s doubly so given the current conditions. An equestrian agent can help you more easily navigate the process and give you valuable insight and advice about how to succeed.

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