Kick Off the 71st Del Mar National Horse Show!

Its that time of year again! California Equestrian Properties would like to welcome the annual Del Mar National Horse Show! As proud sponsors of this horse show, we are so excited to commence the 71st year of this equestrian event. As per usual, this coming cutemonth will not disappoint. This three week long show will be packed with exciting and entertaining classes that will leave spectators laughing, applauding, and ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing. The usual spotlight events for this show will be held, namely “Night of the Horse”, “Evening of Musical Freestyles”, and of course the “$100,000 Grand Prix of Del Mar”.

If you are new to this exciting event, here is how it goes: The Del Mar National Horse Show is a head turner event solely because of its uniqueness. Typically, horse shows of each
discipline are held individually and certainly not done consecutively. The Del Mar National is such a fun event for spectators and competitors alike because it creates a sense of unity. All riders, whether their discipline be western, dressage, or hunter/jumper have a communal feel at this particular event. And as far as spectators go, its three weeks full of fun and diverse events!

Each week of the Del Mar National closes with a special event held in the indoor arena. During western week this happens to be “Night of the Horse”, where many riders with different styles show off their various talents. It’ll be nothing short of a fun-filled event! There will be trick riders, mustang Del Martrainers, and the star of Cavalia all performing in this one night. “Evening of Musical Freestyles” during dressage week is for those who can appreciate the athleticism and
artistry of dressage. World renowned Olympians such as Steffen Peters will be demonstrating a paramount dressage performance unlike any other. To conclude the Del Mar National, Hunter/Jumper Week will put on a nail-biting event that will leave spectators at the edge of their seats! The “$100,000 Grand Prix of Del Mar” is the highlight of this third and final week. Everyone looks forward to watching these incredible animals powering themselves over gigantic and daunting obstacles. We’ll see horses jump, gallop, and turn on a dime! The 2016 Del Mar National Horse Show is going to be a jaw dropper!

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