10 Signs It’s Time to Move


While moving can be a real drag, sometimes it’s obvious it’s time to go. A move can be just the thing you need to jump start your life and invite positive change. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re ready to take the plunge, here are 10 sure signs that now is the time to relocate.

1. You have more horses than you planned and you find yourself wondering if the garage could be converted into stall space! It’s time to move!

2.  You have resorted to boarding your horses elsewhere. You long to wake up to find your dreamy, perfectly adorable, loving horse anxiously awaiting your arrival [read: banging its proverbial knife and fork on the table demanding breakfast]! Time to make that dream come true!

3.  You find yourself collecting less money and more horses! Time to move!

4. Or perhaps you have lots of money to spend (lucky you!); then you might consider purchasing a property  more in line with your current financial situation. Time to move!

5.  Your family of horses, dogs, and children is growing and you begin to look and feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe. Time to move!

6.  Are you feeling guilty about your horse being stuck in a stall while you’re sitting in traffic trying to get there if you can even make the time? Time to move!

7.  The neighborhood demographics have changed and the people who bought homes to enjoy country living complain about the sights, sounds, and odors of country living! Time to move!

8.  The weather is too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, and too humid to suit you and your horses! Time to move!

9.  Your property needs work and you’d rather have a root canal without novacaine! Time to move!

10.  You find yourself spending more and more time dreaming about a fresh start! Time to move!

Sometimes there aren’t real clear-cut reasons to move. Maybe you just have a hankering  to explore a new place, to expand your horizons, or move to a place you’ve always wanted to live. And those are all legitimate reasons. If your intuition tells you it’s time to move on, then it may be the perfect time to indulge your adventurous self! Time to move!

Compliments of  Carol & Patti

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